GROW 2014 Kick-off Event – Recap

22 people at our March event meeting.  We discussed GROW project possibilities and priorities.  We decided it was important to set realistic, achievable, tangible goals for 2014.  See below for photos and  a draft of our projects and goals list for 2014.


Draft – GROW Projects and Projects Goals for 2014

Project Category Description and Goals for 2014
Adult Job Skills & Experience Includes incubating entrepreneurial opportunities.  2014 goals to be determined.
Annual Fall Harvest Celebration Provide a fall harvest celebration event in Oct. 2014.
Business Beautify & Landscape Implement a volunteer program to help maintain existing business street planters.  Add planters at the Bessie Coleman Library.
Community Gardens Network Help locate resources to sustain the existing community gardens (currently fourteen).  At end of year, report on 2014 GROW impact.  Promote community gardener participation in GROW projects.
Gardening Workshops Provide three or more gardening workshops in 2014.
GROW-A-Lot Assist three or more new vacant lot project initiatives in 2014.
Healthy Eating 2014 goals to be determined.  Healthy eating for youths will be integrated with School & Youth projects.
Monthly Meetings Conduct a GROW monthly meeting every month except Dec. in 2014.
Outdoor Art 2014 goals to be determined.
Plant and Seed Swaps Hold one or more spring and fall plant swap event in Woodlawn.
Residential – Beautify & Landscape Assist three or more block clubs in their effort to green and beautify their parkways, etc.
Schools & Youth Support implementation of school and youth programs involving growing food, and Woodlawn greening and beautification.
Locations to be determined.  Possibilities include: Hyde Park Academy, Woodlawn Community School, Emmet Till School, AG High School/Woodlawn partnership.
Share Resources Share volunteer and other resources.  This is what GROW does!  We will keep a list of workdays, locations and projects where we helped to match resources with needs.  Includes implementing a Community Service Volunteer Exchange in 2014.
Shop together, group discounts In 2014, hold a Vegetable Garden Starter Plant Group Buy.  Investigate other opportunities to obtain discounts at local businesses.
Woodlawn Virtual Conservatory This project will  help to provide for a great diversity of annuals, perennials, shrubs and trees in Woodlawn.  2014 goals to be determined.
Yard Gardener Network Provide resources to yard gardeners.  Promote yard gardener involvement in GROW monthly meetings, Gardening Workshops and block gardening activities.